Climate Action Simulation
You need a Climate Action Simulation if:

  • You want your team to understand the basics of climate change and have fun together
  • You need to communicate the company’s climate strategy to the board or any department beyond the sustainability unit
  • You want an engaging activity for your online or in person event
70+ simulations
organized for business audiences
2000+ participants
including top managers
82% of participants
improved their understanding of the drivers of climate change
65% of participants
were inspired to take action
Climate Action Simulation is a business game focused on solutions to climate change. It is based on the En-ROADS model developed by Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan Sustainability.

The players take part in a mock up UN Climate Summit where they represent one of the stakeholder groups: Conventional Energy, CleanTech, Industry, Climate Justice Hawks, World Governments etc. The goal of the Summit is to limit global warming to 1.5 °C.

During the game the participants will test a range of solutions: introducing carbon price, increasing energy efficiency, subsidizing renewables, planting trees – and see what works to address climate change.

The game lasts 3.5 hours and includes three rounds of negotiations. If you are time constrained, we suggest that you opt for a Climate Workshop –
an interactive 2-hour event. However, we highly recommend going for Climate Action Simulation, if possible, as it is more engaging and fun than the workshop.
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